Packing Moving Boxes

Whether it’s for home or business, moving can be a stressful experience with a million “to-do’s” on your checklist.  Taking time to put properly package boxes can help save a lot of time, frustration and damaged goods when you arrive in your new dwelling.  We’ve compiled some helpful tips to help you package boxes efficiently for moving or long term storage.

Gather Necessary Packing Supplies

Whether you're moving across town or across country, SupplyLand has the packing supplies you need to make your move safety, effectively and economically!

Sort Items by Category

  • Plan to pack up one small area at a time.  If multiple people are working together on a packing project, assign each person an area to focus upon.  
  • Group like-items together that are similar in size and weight.  For example, put kitchen dinnerware in one group, utensils in another and silverware / cutlery in a third grouping.  Pack your boxes according to the groups of products.
  • Use brightly colored tissue paper to wrap small items to help prevent accidentally throwing them out.

Fill Boxes

  • Fill boxes almost entirely.  
  • For non-fragile items, fill every space possible without making the box too heavy.  Boxes that aren’t full might collapse when stacked.   
  • Add excess packing paper or void fill if necessary so that each box is packed tight before sealing shut with carton sealing tape.
  • For fragile items, make sure there are at least two inches of packing material on all sides of the box.
  • Remember to fill boxes so they weigh no more than thirty pounds.  Use small and medium sized boxes for heavy items like books.   Use large boxes for lighter items like comforters.

Wrapping Breakables

  • Take time and caution when wrapping breakables.  This could mean the difference in whether or not they arrive in one piece or several!
  • Do not cut corners when packing fragile items.  Overpack fragile items such as dishes, glassware and artwork with additional void fill and cushioning packing materials.
  • Pack dishes on their side inside boxes.  Never pack flat.
  • If you stack cups and bowls, be sure to place paper or padding between each piece.  

Use Box Dividers

  • For an added layer of protection for breakables, use corrugated or cardboard dividers that section individual compartments within the box.  These dividers offer the best protection for glasses and stemware and they are available in different sizes.

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