Tax Information

Tax Exemption Overview
  • Sales tax rates are determined by the delivery address, shipping address and date of an order.  
  • U.S. law requires SupplyLand to to collect and remit sales tax on goods delivering in any state that assesses a retail sales tax and with whom SupplyLand has nexus status.
  • Customers may claim an exemption from tax by submitting a valid exemption certificate for the state of delivery.
  • Valid exemption forms sent to [email protected] will post to an account within one business day.  
  • Incomplete or invalid certificates will not be accepted.  SupplyLand customers will be notified via email should an exemption not meet state requirements.
  • Valid and accepted exemptions will clear sales tax on pending orders once posted to an account.
  • Tax exemptions claimed apply to all items delivering in the respective state.
  • Items purchased as tax exempt but used in a non-exempt manner may be subject to use tax.  SupplyLand customers must remit any use tax due on their own behalf. 
  • Unless notified in writing, exemption certificates are active until expiration.  
  • Tax credits or reimbursements will not be issued on orders shipped prior to completing the exemption certificate approval process.

Create a Tax Exemption Certificate
  • Note - A SupplyLand account is required in order to submit tax exempt certificate requests.  Once logged into your SupplyLand account, you will be able to access the Tax Exemption page where you can provide all necessary information and file uploads in order to establish your tax exemption status.  
  • To create a Tax Exemption Certificate, select the Create Tax Exemption button below.
  • Please note, documents such as IRS letters, W-9's and state issued permits / licenses are generally not acceptable forms to claim a tax exemption.  Provide your state issued number (i.e. Tax ID, Exemption Number, etc.) on a valid exemption certificate.
  • If submitting a certificate requiring a description of exempt items, the section must be completed and indicate the relevant products purchased from SupplyLand. 
  • Verify the name on your exemption certificate matches the name on the account.
  • Certificates requiring a signature must be physically signed to be valid.
  • Certificates must be completed in their entirety.

Please contact the SupplyLand Accounting Department at [email protected] with any questions regarding tax exemption certificates, tax policies or procedures.