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Our History

After spending years working in the industrial supply business, our founders picked up a few things along the way.  Some lessons were winning formulas for success while others were examples of precisely what not to do!  After watching the internet and eCommerce continue to grow rapidly, they decided to build a new destination for everyday essential supplies.  Their vision was grounded on three basic principles:

  • Simplicity - An easy to navigate web site providing a hassle-free digital shopping experience.
  • Service - Close attention to even the most minute details and allowing direct customer feedback to drive business decisions.
  • Fun - Delivering a delightful experience through unique marketing, advertising and promotional content.
What is SupplyLand?

SupplyLand is THE digital destination for essential packaging, cleaning, safety and facility operation supplies.  We carefully select best-in-class products to help you keep your business or home running smooth and efficiently.  Our attention to detail, thoughtful merchandising and helpful product information allows you to conveniently search, select and purchase the items you need with just a few clicks.  

Why SupplyLand?

We recognize our customers have many options to choose from when selecting a supplier.  SupplyLand combines a unique blend of convenience, value, product selection and excitement to deliver a truly delightful digital shopping experience.  EVERY customer matters to us!  Whether it's just a few items or a few pallet loads, we are ready to serve you with the white glove treatment you deserve.  All of our products are in stock and ready to ship.  

It's in the Box

Our logo features the outline of a box with a radiant glow and our tagline is "It's in the Box".  We often get asked the question, "what's in the box?!".  The answer is simple.  We take tremendous pride in accommodating our customers.  Each shipment leaving our warehouse is carefully packed with quality, value and creativity.  All of this adds up to an experience that leaves our customers glowing!  

Product Assortment

Our product experts work tirelessly to provide an ideal assortment of essential items, complimented with unique, hard-to-find solutions.  We carefully evaluate our manufacturing partners and hand select each product, giving careful consideration to quality, value, performance and consistency.  We consistently expand our product offering with a heavy emphasis on customer requests.  Looking for something we don't offer?  Let us know!  Finally, while not always possible, we strive to source products in a responsible way from manufacturers in the United States to support the hard working men and women of this great nation.  Just look for the American flag icon below under the Product Info tab of each product page denoting items manufactured in the United States.