Ingenious Uses for WD-40

WD-40 is an iconic American product and brand; as American as apple pie, baseball and Uncle Sam himself.  A 1983 survey revealed that 4 of every 5 home in the United States had a can of WD-40.   For over 60 years, Americans have been relying on the 40th version of a water displacement formula (which is what the WD stands for) to fix pretty much anything that needs fixing.  

The WD-40 website features dozens of uses for their product.  Avid users of the product have submitted a growing list of 2,000+ additional applications for the legendary product.  While some are silly, many are down right ingenious.  We’ve taken some time to highlight some of our favorite WD-40 applications below:

  1. Spray on dead fish bait as a “great pike attractor”.
  2. Coat wire tomato cages with it to keep insects away.
  3. Stop metal tent poles from squeaking in the wind.
  4. Remove duct tape.
  5. Clean dog poop off tennis shoes.
  6. Eliminate static on volume-control and tuning knobs.
  7. Take the sting out of fire any bites.
  8. Keep mirrors and windows from fogging.
  9. Apply to balcony railings to keep pigeons away.
  10. It prevents snow from sticking to shovels.
  11. Use to remove candle soot.
  12. Remove chewing gum from hair.
  13. Shine leaves on artificial plants.
  14. Lubricate artificial limbs.
  15. Remove gunk from the base of toilet bowls.
  16. Untangle horse manes and tails.
  17. Remove rollerblade wheels marks from kitchen floors.
  18. Removes artificial snow from window décor during the holidays.
  19. Removes gunk from cell phones.
  20. Stops squeaks and creaks on plastic and metal toys.

As you can see, WD-40 can pretty much fix it all and the product just keeps getting better and better with time!  In 2005, WD-40 introduced the Smart Straw, which features a fold-down straw that is pre-attached to each can.  This alleviates one of the biggest complaints people had in losing the precision spray straw, designed to apply WD-40 to those hard to reach places.  

One myth about WD-40 is that it can be sprayed on achy or arthritic joints to alleviate arthritis.  According to the WD-40 company, this is NOT a recommended or effective use for the product, so no need to spray down your shoulders, hips or hands!

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