Split Shipments

SupplyLand strives to maintain stocked inventory on all items at all times.  From time to time we may be out of stock on some items while we await inventory replenishment.  If an order includes multiple items with one or more being out of stock or unable to ship in complete quantities, SupplyLand will create a split shipment.  Items that are in stock and available to ship complete at the time of order will be sent immediately and the items that are out of stock will ship as soon as we receive our inventory replenishment.  We will notify customers via email which items have shipped and which are awaiting shipment.  Tracking information will be provided separately at the time of shipping for each portion of a split shipment.  Shipping charges are calculated at the time the original order is placed and are are only billed once.  Additional shipping charges incurred due to split shipments will not be passed along to our customers.  

For questions regarding split shipments, please email us at [email protected].