What Are ECT Boxes?

The Edge Crush Test (ECT) is a newer test developed to look specifically at how much force a corrugated material can withstand on its edges without crushing.  Instead of applying force to the face of the corrugated material, ECT applies force to the edge.  The material is compressed top to bottom until it buckles.

Edge Crush Testing measures the force applied in pounds per linear inch of load-bearing edge and is reported as an ECT rating.  32 ECT is the most commonly used corrugated material.  

ECT has grown in popularity since its invention in the 1990's because it provides a better measure of how well boxes will hold up to stacking and palletizing.  Modern shipping and warehousing methods mean that most products are now shipped and stored in pallets, where boxes may be stacked in several layers.  Therefore, the box must not only be strong enough to hold the weight of the product within, but also have edges strong enough to hold all of the weight on top without crushing or deforming.  

ECT ratings do not require a minimum amount of base paper in the corrugated material.  Therefore ECT-rated boxes are generally lighter and use less material than other equivalent boxes rated under other testing standards.  This helps companies reduce shipping costs and improve environmental impact.  

                                      ECT RATINGS (SINGLE WALL)

Minimum Edge Crust Test (ECT)              Maximum Load Per Carton

                23 ECT                                                             20 lbs. 

                32 ECT                                                             65 lbs.

                44 ECT                                                             95 lbs.

                                      ECT RATINGS (DOUBLE WALL)

Minimum Edge Crush Test (ECT)            Maximum Load Per Carton

                42 ECT                                                             80 lbs.

                48 ECT                                                             100 lbs.

                51 ECT                                                             120 lbs.