FAQ: Resolve Carpet Cleaner

Clean carpets and surfaces are a must for most people and make a big impression on visitors and guests.  Resolve Stain Remover Carpet Cleaner is a great product to help keep carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture looking amazing, even after one of life’s “whoops” moments.   Here are some frequently asked questions about Resolve carpet cleaner.

General Questions

What is Resolve?

Resolve is an iconic carpet cleaning and stain removal product brand with over 40 years of history in the market.  The brand and products are considered by many to be the leading brand in the carpet and stain removal category.  Here are some frequently asked questions about Resolve brand carpet cleaner.

What are the universal fabric codes?

Furniture is coded using the following symbols, which refer to the solubility of the dyes in the upholstery fabric:

  • S – Dyes stable in solvent only
  • W – Dyes stable in water only
  • W/S – Dyes stable in water and solvent
  • X – Dyes are not stable when exposed to any liquid

Be sure to refer to the manufacturer label and care instructions prior to cleaning any upholstered furniture.  

Where can I buy Resolve Carpet Cleaner?

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Usage Questions

What can I use Resolve for?

Resolve is ideal for removing everyday messes and spills, including dirt, food grease and wine.

How much time does it take for Resolve to be effective?

This depends on the type of stain, but typically ranges between 30 seconds and 5 minutes.  Do not allow the product to sit for more than 5 minutes.  

How much Resolve should I use for a stain?

Spray freely and thoroughly so that the stain is completely covered.   Repeat with additional treatments if necessary.

Can Resolve be used to clean a stain that another carpet cleaner was unable to remove?

Yes, but be sure to thoroughly rinse and vacuum the previously treated area.   This will ensure that the other cleaner has been removed prior to using Resolve.  

What is the shelf life of Resolve?

It is recommended that Resolve be used within a 2 year period of time.  


Can Resolve products be used in homes with children and pets?

Yes, although it is recommended to keep children and pets away from treated surfaces until they are thoroughly dried and vacuumed.  

What should I do if Resolve is swallowed?

If Resolve is swallowed, seek immediate medical attention and bring the product and packaging along with you.  

What should I do if I get Resolve in my eyes?

If Resolve gets in your eyes, wash immediately and seek medical advice.

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