FAQ: Kraft Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers are an excellent for shipping a wide range of products.  Bubble mailers feature a thick kraft or white paper outer layer coupled with a cushioned bubble lined interior designed to protect items from damage during shipping.   

What are the benefits of shipping in a bubble mailer?

The greatest benefit of shipping in a bubble mailer is that it will save on shipping costs.  Bubble mailers take up much less space and are generally lighter weight than boxes.   

What industries use bubble mailers?

Bubble mailers are most commonly used by eCommerce businesses, online sellers, retailers, medical and pharmaceutical companies.  

What can I ship in a bubble mailer?

Some products or items don’t require a shipping box.  Bubble mailers are excellent for items that are mostly flat, small and don’t require a significant amount of additional padding or protection.  Bubble mailers are excellent for shipping items such as books, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, small electronics, automotive parts, home goods and plaques.  

Are bubble mailers considered envelopes?

Bubble mailers are considered envelopes if they are ¾” of an inch, or less, when packed.  If the bubble mailer is over ¾” of an inch thick, it is considered a package.  

How much does it cost to mail a bubble mailer?

The cost to ship a bubble mailer will depend on whether it is considered an envelope or a package.  It also depends on how much the package weighs.  If your mailer weighs 1 oz., or less, it is considered an envelope.  In this case, a standard .55 forever postage stamp can be applied to the mailer and it can be sent via the USPS.  

What is the best way to ship bubble mailers?

Bubble mailers can be shipped via USPS or any other parcel shipping service, such as UPS, FedEx or DHL.  Shipping rates will vary depending on the carrier, the classification of the mailer (i.e. envelopes vs. package), the weight and the distance to ship the product and the shipping service selected.  

Can you ship bubble mailers via USPS?

Yes, bubble mailers can be shipped with the US Postal Service.  Bubble mailers can be shipped using USPS First Class, Priority Mail or Media Mail services.  

  • First Class – This applies when shipping a package weighing 16 oz. or less.  It is the cheapest way to ship items and is best for lightweight items.
  • USPS Retail Ground – Used by shippers that are regularly sending out packages via USPS through a retail channel.  The mailer must weigh less than 70 lbs.  
  • Priority Mail – This service can be used to ship packages weighing up to 70 lbs.  This service will typically deliver packages in 1-3 business days.  Shipping charges are calculated based on the distance from ship point to the destination.
  • Media Mail – A cost effective service used to ship books, CDs, DVDs and other print materials.  

Are bubble mailers recyclable?

Bubble mailers are mixed material products.  Therefore, in order to recycle them, it is required to separate the paper from the plastic portion of the mailer and recycle each material separately.   The paper portion can be included in a recycling bin.  Stamps, tape and labels do not need to be removed from the paper as they will come off during the recycling process.  

What size bubble mailer is best for mailing my item?

There are two dimensions to consider when selecting a bubble mailer.   When a mailer is lined with bubble, the outside dimensions will differ from the inside dimensions.  The difference is referred to as the outside dimensions (OD) vs. the usable dimensions.  

To choose the right size mailer, you should consider the outside dimensions for shipping costs, as well as the inside dimensions (usable) to ensure your product will fit.  Remember to leave enough room for your product to fit comfortably, but not too much room that would allow the product to move around too much during shipping.   

The sizes below are the most commonly used bubble mailers and items frequently shipped in them:  

  • 4 x 8” (P196):   Small items such as jewelry, writing tools or phones.  
  • 8 ½ x 12” (P199):  Unfolded mailings on 8 ½ x 11” sheets of paper, reports, catalogs, magazines, journals, large graphic novels and hardcover books.
  • 12 ½ x 19” (P503):  Large catalogs, photos, reports, extra large text books, toys, clothing and stationary.     

Can I put a stamp on a bubble mailer?

Yes, you can use stamps to ship bubble mailers.  The amount of stamp postage required to ship the mailer will depend on the size and weight of the filled mailer.  A bubble mailer that is less than ¾” inches thick and weighing 1 oz., or less, is considered a standard envelope and will only require a single stamp.   

How many stamps are required to ship a bubble mailer vis USPS?

This depends on several factors.  Bubble mailers weighing up to 4 oz, shipping USPS First Class will cost around $3.74.  This example would require 7 forever stamps ($.55 per stamp) to ship.  

Can bubble mailers go in the mailbox?

If you bubble mailer is less than ¾” inch thick and weighs less than 1 oz, it can be mailed out from a residential mailbox.  

Where can I buy bubble mailers?

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